Friday, 2 June 2017

Aikido ....seminars

Osawa Sensei is doing a seminar in Halifax soon ..what a great opportunity !! ..Tissier SEnsei is doing one in Montrea.. great aikido masters them !

Monday, 15 May 2017

May 15/17 ...monday

This coming wednesday will be our last class for this school year ...BUT don't forget we will start again September 20 (wednesday)....
Looking forward to an enthusiastic class on wednesday ...our group is progressing quite well ! It's been a good year of aikido with East End Aikido! Stay tuned for next season's classes ....the weekly kids class !! keep your weekend free that we book off for the weekend practise !!!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Aikido continues today at Bishop Field ...
excellent resource to learn more ....

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Aikido at Bishop Field on wednesday May 10

This coming wednesday is our second last class and then we will break til September. It's been a good two years of kids aikido plus the extra practise on weekends with two local seminars per year. Looking forward to enjoying more aikido in the future !!!