Friday, 20 October 2017

Aikido ...this past week

Kids class at Bishop Field ... working on basic moves. Need to know how to fall safely. Need to practise cooperatively for safety. It is a martial art ...and injury would occur without these.

Worked on ikkyo ...from shomenuchi ....
Looking forward to next class

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Upcoming seminar Oct 27-28

Friday Oct 27/17                                          
Registration 5:30                                                   Fee $20    Kids $5
6p.m.-7 p.m Regular class                                     Family max $20
7:05-8:05 p.m. Regular class
Saturday Oct 28/17
Registration  8:30  a.m.
9:00- 10:00 a.m. Kids class
10:10-11:10 Regular class
11:15-12:15p.m. Regular class 
12:25-1:25      Reg                       info

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Upcoming Seminar ...Local LOcation Bishop Field

Oct 27, 28 ... Local seminar

Friday classes ....6-7p.m., 7:10-8:10
Saturday .....        9 a.m.-10 a.m.   Kids class  (pic after class)
                            10:10- 11:10      Regular
                             11:15-12:15      Regular
                             12:25-1:25        Regular (pic after class)

Kids class Oct 2017

KIds class did very well at BF ... students from last year remember their skills ..and several new students are catching on !!

EEAIKIDONL at Bishop Field 2nd class ..

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

October aikido

Aikido continues Wednesday October 4 .... new this year? Any student who has Graded and passed a rank will wear a Gi jacket during practise. WE have Gi Tops that will be assigned to Ranked students. At the end of each practise they will be collected.

Last school year students tested for the first step called 6th kyu. Some passed Part 1. Others passed Full 6th kyu.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

EEAikido today...

Great success ...25 students ...some returning AND a great help !!!!!

Starting today ...

Aikido starts today at Bishop Field ..right after school

Monday, 4 September 2017

Aikido .... ..let's practise

Training can take you near and far

Aikido 2017 builds on past learnings ....

Grading for kids aikido

KIds "belts" ... 6th kyu (knowledge of basics), 5th kyu (yellow), 4th kyu (orange), 3rd kyu (blue),
2nd kyu (brown) .......
once the kids levels are completed students should have the skills to begin training in the adult levels

2017 EEAIKIDO for kids at Bishop Field

Right now ...looking at starting aikido on Wednesday September 27th 3-4. It's a new school year. Will spread the word that practise is open to Grades 2-6 AND all ex-members from last year. 
A number of students graded for 6th kyu and 6th kyu part 1 last year. GOOD to see progress!!!!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Aikido ....seminars

Osawa Sensei is doing a seminar in Halifax soon ..what a great opportunity !! ..Tissier SEnsei is doing one in Montrea.. great aikido masters them !

Monday, 15 May 2017

May 15/17 ...monday

This coming wednesday will be our last class for this school year ...BUT don't forget we will start again September 20 (wednesday)....
Looking forward to an enthusiastic class on wednesday ...our group is progressing quite well ! It's been a good year of aikido with East End Aikido! Stay tuned for next season's classes ....the weekly kids class !! keep your weekend free that we book off for the weekend practise !!!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Aikido continues today at Bishop Field ...
excellent resource to learn more ....

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Aikido at Bishop Field on wednesday May 10

This coming wednesday is our second last class and then we will break til September. It's been a good two years of kids aikido plus the extra practise on weekends with two local seminars per year. Looking forward to enjoying more aikido in the future !!!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Look back cont'd

Besides our weekly class, East End Aikido held two Local Seminars per Year. These are extra practise times on weekends. Some of the classes were adult classes and of course a kids class. The nice thing about the kids class was it brought kids together from different dojos. We look forward to more practises in the future.

A Look Back- two years practising at Bishop Field

The first few classes more than 30 students showed up to practise. Some were curious and changed their minds. A core group has practised for all or most of the two years. Sometimes other commitments prevent a few children from coming. All good ! All children are welcome when they can make it. In the past few months we have a steady number between 15-20. Aikido is not an easy martial art to learn. However, once a few basics are learned it gets easier. Techniques are taught in the context of self-control, cooperation and self-discipline. There are no tournaments. There are testing classes where students can demonstrate what they have learned. The ranks are referred to as 6th kyu, 5th kyu(yellow), 4th kyu, 3rd kyu, 2nd kyu, 1st kyu (brown belt). These are 'kids' ranks. Once these are acquired practitioners can then follow the adult route from 6th kyu to 1st kyu. After 1st kyu (brown) is the dan rank (black). This past year a number of our students acquired 6th kyu and a few acquired 6th kyu Part1. This group will probably be ready to test for 5th kyu in the fall of 2017.

Two years .... and more to come

A pic of a good warm up stretch and breathing.

Kids aikido ....lots to learn- a look back at our seminar time

May 3, 10 and 17 ...2017

The kids class at Bishop Field .....3 more classes and then we break. Kids Aikido will start up again in the new school year starting September 20/17

Monday, 1 May 2017

Mun seminar this past weekend ....

May 3 wednesday at East End Aikido kids class

Looking forward to seeing the progress of Bishop Field kids at class on wednesday May 3. Only 3 classes left before break. Then back again in September.Probably start Sept 20/17.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Opportunity for aikido ....

There's a seminar I encourage you to participate in ...or go and watch ..
The MUN Aikido Club Spring Seminar (April 29-30) will once again be taught by Yumi Nakamura Shihan, Chief Instructor of Aikido Tendokai (Toronto) and one of the most senior instructors in the Canadian Aikido Federation. She has visited many times and anyone who has been to any of her seminars will know what a great teacher she is. 
SEMINAR SITE- dojo  St. John's Martial Arts Centre (21 Mews Place). The tentative schedule is:
Saturday (April 29)
10:00am–11:15am Beginner's class
11:20am—12:30pm Regular class
12:30pm—2:00pm Lunch
2:00pm–4:00pm Regular classes 
Sunday (April 30)
10:30am—1:00pm Regular classes

Nakamura Sensei will teach all classes. The first class on Saturday morning will be a Beginner's class. All are welcome. 

EEA NL continues this wednesday ...

Kids aikido at Bishop Field continues this week ...Weenesday April 26

Friday, 21 April 2017

Local experience and influence ....

I first experienced aikido at MUN ...Les Mulholland was there. My attraction to the movement was immediate. But maybe there for 1 or 2 classes and had other commitments. I returned to the art a number of years later ..practising at Br Rice and Holy Cross. My early instructors were the MacDonald brothers ...Derm, Bill and Kevin. Sensei Derm was my consistant and longest and current sensei. I didnt know Grham Burt who died in 1979 ..he brought aikido to Newfoundland in 1967 from England. Derm, Bill and Kevin taught the forms from Graham Sensei. Sensei Derm has been my main teacher for most of my practise and is my current sensei. I have Derm Sensei to thank for involving me deeply on this path. I really didn't realize the depth of training and the opportunities in the world to visit other dojos as a kyu rank. After getting shodan I realized i still had a lot i wanted to learn. I practised even on my own time ..thats how much i loved aikido. For a number of years Paul was my practise partner, Then in recent years Jim too. Rob was for a while a number of years ago. I remember spending time with Tom Alteen ..learning again !!!Lately with the kids club on the go Colette and i explore aikido. I am rambling to say ...there are others who enjoy this learning journey too, And we just do it.

Iwama..O'Senei's later home and dojo

I also visited Iwama overnight. They were gracious and helpful. Very small group and dojo space.

Japan ...birthplace of all aikido

O'Sensei put together this martial art ......Tokyo Hombu Dojo began in the 1920's. I visited the modern site in 2012. O'Sensei died in 1969.

The top picture was the upper floor of Hombu. Main classes practise here. The lower picture is the mat where beginner classes and kids practised. Lots of places o practise ...What i learned - the Seneis were very experienced and taught very simply. Repetition and basic moves. Crowded classes but wonderful practise.

Helpful contacts..

To my left ...KIm ..he and his girlfriend - he now has his own dojo in Brazil. They gave me a lift in New York to summer camp. Soooo nice to meet nice people in aikido's possible all over the world

What I learned ....

It is easier when geographically closer to training centers ... so much at your finger tips. Regardless - repetition of basic technique and ritual. Simple means to progress. So true for many things in life.

Summer Camp ...

Coordinated New York with summer camp ...

WE drove from New York aikikai to summer camp ...

Builders ...inspiration cont'd ....

Yamada Sensei ...and Donovan Sensei ...on my trip to New York

Meeting the first builders ....

video video
On one trip to New York ...i met Sugano Sensei... a true inspiration ...

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Simple dwelling ...

Yamada Sensei arrived in New York in 1966... and the beginnings of aikido in the western world took strong root. It was a humble beginning ...and in the start of the 21st century ...many years later i would find a humble place still.

At the top of the stairs ...


New York Aikido visit cont'd

It was daunting to visit such a terrific city. At the dojo, i walked up the stairs to find a place of dedication to aikido